What other College coaches will be at camp?

It depends on what College baseball camp or baseball showcase you will be attending, but usually the baseball coaches from that University will be present and if they have other guest coaches they are usually listed under that specific camp on our website.

If it's a Showcase, many times those college coaches are listed under the camp itself on our website.

What do players need to bring to camp?

Campers need to bring anything they would use for a baseball game or practice. Glove, bats, spikes, turf shoes or sneakers, helmet, baseball pants, hat, catchers gear and water bottle.

Will clothing be on sale?

We will have clothing on sale at each camp for campers to buy.

Do we need to bring water?

Water will be provided but always a good idead to bring your own bottle.

Where do we check-in?

Check-in is under the first base bleachers, a tent will always be up along with a table to sign in.

What paperwork do we need to have filled out?

Please have a copy of your insurance card attached to the player waiver form.

Where do we park?

Please park in lot 43 located at the end of 43rd street past the soccer field.

Are all camp purchases final?

Yes, all camps purchases are finally. We do not offer a refund but, we can credit your pay to another camp.